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You bring up a valid point

Posted By: Bluto
Saturday, 25 March 2006, at 6:18 p.m.

In Response To: Re: I think I ill stick to chain restaurants? (BizNewbie)

Of course you do. Nobody likes bad customer service. That is a given. But those that complain about every little instance of bad service and paint all business with a broad brush like you do really have no clue and therefore give no real value to the argument. Someday when you have your own mom and pop and you realize that it is hard to give 1200$ great customer service all day long, everyday, you will see. But until then, you will go on thinking that just because you spend your hard earned cash, the folks that take it from you in exchange for goods and services are just mindless idiots who owe you the world. that shows and you will continue to get bad service. Because let's face it, unless you are buying boatloads every week, they could probably stand to lose your business. No one needs the hassle of people like you who, if not treated like a king every single time, will go around bad mouthing your business to everyone for no good reason other than the fact that you think you are god's gift to humanity and should be treated as such by one and all.

We're all trying to make a buck and we're all human.

Unlike yourself, I know what it's like to run a small brick and mortar and I understand that when I go into a mom and pop that they do not have the resources to treat me the same every time I go in the door. that's fine. I understand. But I continue to patronize the small guy if I like the product because they deserve it far more than any big box does. I rarely go to big boxes. Fortunately I can do this because I live in a town where there are a lot of different mom and pops (we evenhave a mom and pop mass retailer (like Walmart). Some folks have to shop at big boxes because that's all there is around their town. I will gladly spend a few bucks more for something I want just to buy it from a mom and pop. I don't need to be treated like a king. I don't think that they owe me the world. All I want is the product or service. If they can give that to me, I feel that superb CS is just a bonus. I don't feel I have to put myself above them just because I am spending money at their store. They are eeking out a living, too, just like the rest of us.


> Hi Bluto,
> I actually expected you the first to reply for some odd reason. Anyway, as
> I stated in my post, my sampling is biased to the negative. Let me get
> this straight, 2 weekends in a row I TRY to order food and both times I am
> unable, and that is my fault?
> I love giving new small businesses a try, but I just don't see all the
> "give 'em excpetional, outstanding service" advice that all the
> latest seminars and books hock. Why be in business? We will see how long
> that business lasts.
> I know some (including you) will state that, "well if you don't like
> the service you are getting then stick to your chain stores". Well
> since this is a small business forum I thought I would mention my
> experiences. I always try to separate "bad employees" from
> "bad business", but when the owner him/herself treats one like
> doo-doo then I feel compelled to voice my opinion.
> I still feel, despite all the information out there, that small businesses
> have yet a lot to learn about how to treat a customer.

> I went to a major dept. store last week to buy a DVD, not only was I
> greeted at the door, I had a manager come up to me who had recognized me
> from the week before (I had asked about a particular DVD) and walked me to
> where the newly-arrived DVD was located. When I went to Cinema One store,
> I was not greeted nor given assistance.

> So take my griping for what it is, i think small business are still not
> doing their part. If you think I am being fussy , that is fine, but I
> think I bring up a valid point. The big chain restaurant got our $50, then
> small one didn't.
> BTW, I find a lot of the smaller "chain" stores to be just as
> bad as independant ones. Where I get good customer service most (but not
> all) of the time is in large chain restaurants and stores.

> BizNewbie

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You'll find great information in this "Read Only" Archive, but remember..... things change.
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We're very friendly, so don't be shy... just jump right in and post your question.
Scams outnumber legitimate biz ops about a bzillion to one, so it's well worth your time.

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