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It never ceases to amaze me

Posted By: Bluto Samartino
Saturday, 7 January 2006, at 2:04 p.m.

In Response To: I agree with everything you said... (MaaMaw)

Is that how people can look at his website, his offerings, his marketing, his ad copy, his forum posts, etc, etc, etc, and wonder if he is a legit, trustworthy person.

I just don't see how everything Don Alm does not spark a red flag in everyone's mind. If ever there was shady business opportunity peddler, it's Don Alm. It does not surprise me at all to hear how sour Christopher's experience was with Don and his "products". When I look at Don Alm's offers the first thing that comes to mind is cut-rate and something to not bother with as it would only be a waste of money. He simply does not come across as anything even remotely trustworthy or even ethical. I cannot help but look at his products and think "now there's a half-assed product if ever I did see one". It doesn't surprise me even slightly to hear that they are shipped incomplete and with missing info that is important to the reader. Don't you see it? He most likely never even tried any of his biz opps he peddles, even though he says he does. IF he's making money doing that stuff, then why would he be so active in selling the info? Because he either makes nothing from his efforts or he makes no effort at all. People say how Don Alm is this great businessman - a "doer". But I'd like to know how many people that say this have actually seen him in action and are not jsut saying these things from merely talking ot him on the phone or over the internet. My guess is that none of them have. It really easy to fool people into thinking you are someone else when you actualy don;t hae to face them in person. But the thing is, Don Alm is really bad at even doing that, IMO, yet people fall for it nonetheless.

I never bought his Toilet Paper Express gig. Not only did I think it was a bad idea to begin with (mainly because of how he was looking to make it like some sort of crummy, corny, satire) but the way he went around talking about threw up red flags galore. And if you recall, he got a lot of flack for his post about it here in FIB and has never showed his face since, as I recall. then, shortly after that he removed his site from do to other criticisms of him on this and other sites. Red Flag? Uhhh. YOU BETCHA!!!

I understand that he may have helped Maw with a few things in the past, but don't you see? He had a reason to do it. Maw is the owner of a message board centered around business opps - he sells biz opps, of course he is going to come across as a nice, helpful person to a message board owner. Message boards are one of, if not his only, way of getting folks to buy his biz opp materials. IOW, Maw, if he knew he could not benefit from helping you he would not have helped you. That man is as shady as they come. And as I said, it boggles my mind how people just don't see it and fall for his schtick, which, BTW, really isn't that believable to begin with.

Is he a crook? I cannot say that for sure but I would bet at least $1,000.00 that he is and that he will be found to be so sooner or later by the law. All signs point to "go". The future is bleak for Don Alm and things that he's done in the recent past ever since Katrina certainly are in favor of me winning such a bet.

Let's face it, anyone who uses other people's material claiming or making you believe it is his own material and then gets nasty when he is approached about the truth of it all and threatened legally most likely a guilty person. If he was doing nothing wrong he would not have been so nasty in those emails posted on the site the OP put together. Nastiness in these situations almost always = guilt.

If there is only one person on the internet today that should raise a red flag in your mind, it is Don Alm. IF I was asked to trust only one person and my choice was a used car salesman or Don Alm, I'd choose the used car salesman in a heartbeat.


> but unless you, or I, or someone we know personally, bought the Midas
> Report intending to donate to hurricane victims, we have no way of knowing
> exactly how it actually turned out.

> We have no idea whether refunds were given.

> That's my only point.

> Luv,

> MaaMaw

PCRM is actually PETA - A Scam - Do NOT be fooled!

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You'll find great information in this "Read Only" Archive, but remember..... things change.
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We're very friendly, so don't be shy... just jump right in and post your question.
Scams outnumber legitimate biz ops about a bzillion to one, so it's well worth your time.

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