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What do You need from Me to PROVE Jason's Point?.....

Posted By: Christopher Zak <>
Saturday, 7 January 2006, at 12:40 p.m.

In Response To: I'm torn on this one..... (MaaMaw)



It should be noted that NONE OF THE STATEMENTS OR ALLEGATIONS IN THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE HAVE BEEN VERIFIED.  They could ALL be true, there could be SOME truth in them, OR THEY COULD ALL BE FALSE.  I do not claim ANY personal knowledge about the statements in the following message.


Hi Lesley,

I've got the Emails (With HEADERS, of which makes it a SOLID Case) of don and his lying, cheating, and scam for promoting his wares.

He admitted via email ('cause he doesn't have the cajones to TALK OVER THE PHONE UNLESS You tell him that You're going to ORDER) regarding him not sending the Toilet Paper Truck (as promised by his ad...)

He Did NOT Send the Complete Package as Advertised,
and the Package was, as explained by the FTC Website's Description,
a Complete BAIT and SWITCH...
(I'm Sure that Jason can provide the link 'cause I'm in the midst of completing a project right now and don't have the time for the next few days to get to it.)
I don't even have the time to post here, but need to defend Jason on His pursuits.

The Oil Stain Remover program in the midas II report did NOT supply the product name. When don was confronted about it, he LIED and said that his supplier went out of business and hasn't had the time to find another.
A few weeks later, he's advertising the Oil Stain Remover program again on his website.
I, again, confronted don about it and that's when he basically flew off of the handle and offered the refund.
AFTER he offered the refund, he was NO Where to be contacted...
he wasn't Man Enough to respond to ANY Emails or phone calls from Me.
I have the phone bill to PROVE that I made in excess of 15 calls to him SINCE,
and could not get through.

I will provide Whatever You need from Me if I'm able to supply it to You.

I have even PERSONALLY Contacted the Oregon Department of Justice to turn him in for his Hurricane Katrina SCAM.
Also, I'm awaiting the results from the charge back.
You can Bet the Farm on this:
If he disputes it, I will have Grounds to file a complaint with the Oregon Attorney General's office and will do so faster than You can BLINK an Eye!

Most of the people that I've seen defend this guy ALL Seem to have a vested interest in him or don't know how he conducts business, so Of COURSE People are going to defend him...

If You would like to contact Me, PLEASE, Do NOT Hesitate to Do So...

Oh yeah, Happy New Year, too!



> I owe Don a lot for the time and advice he so willingly gave me, and I'm
> not going to let this board turn into A Bashing Place.

> On the other hand, many's the time I've become a "crusader" when
> I knew someone was scamming the public, even if I hadn't personally lost
> anything.

> I don't know the facts here...

> Jason doesn't think I'm open to the truth in this case, but I am.
> (Jason, I'm sorry I haven't dug deeper into this and followed up with the
> contacts you've sent me, but I have way more than I can handle right now;
> I just can't take on any more.)

> Jason's site is hard to follow, and it reads like a rant -- which, if he
> has his facts straight, is unfortunate, because it rubs people the wrong
> way and doesn't get the point across.

> If he has his facts wrong, then it's too bad for Jason because I expect it
> will land his hiney in court and it won't be pleasant.

> This is an anti-scam board, and it would be wrong to zap this... but I'm
> staying on the fence right now.

> I need proof, and disjointed emails are not proof enough for me.

> Specifically, what bothers me is the two-liner from the company.
> I've gotten plenty of threats from plenty of "legal
> departments," and they're always very specific. This doesn't
> give any details whatsoever; cripes, it doesn't even mention the
> pictures! (I'm not saying you made it up, Jason... just that it
> feels like something is missing.)

> It also bothers me that all of this is supposed to prove that the
> donations never went where they were promised. WERE there any
> donations (as in, did any people actually buy any products intending to
> donate a percentage)? DID they go or didn't they (that seems to have
> taken a back seat, now, to biz op scams)?

> In either case, I think people have to make their own decisions, and I
> can't actively hide this kind of information, although I really hate it...
> and if some government agency really did get involved, I'd like to wait
> and see how that turns out.

> For the record, Don screaming at people in emails is NOT evidence of
> guilt. It's what he does (or "did," until he turned over a
> new leaf a few months ago).

> Luv,

> MaaMaw

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Scams outnumber legitimate biz ops about a bzillion to one, so it's well worth your time.

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