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Article directories and Jim Wilson's accusation that I hide my identity

Posted By: Bluto
Thursday, 30 March 2006, at 2:02 a.m.

First thing - Obscure Article directories:

Several threads down, Jim Wilson suggested that a certain article directory be added to alist of heavy hitters, which I did not know what his own. The way he stated his sentence it seemed like he was saying that he had an article directory on his own list he uses that wasn' ton that list Dave Carter supplied. Here is the quote…

>I actually have a website that isn't on your list where people can find and/or submit >articles free of charge.

Even if I had known it was his, I would have still given the suggestion I gave. That suggestion was that it is a waste of time submitting you articles to new, unknown directories because if your goal is to have other webmasters find that article and post it on their own site (which will give you back links, exposure and traffic for your site - the main, if not only reason for even posting your articles to a reprint article directory) then your goal will never be achieved. Why? Because people who go to article directories to look for content to put on their sites are not going to go to a directory they cannot find, they will go to directories they know of because, well, they are well-known and easily found. Easy concept. How can you visit a site you cannot find? Huh? HUH? If you submit to a directory that is new and no one knows about you will wait a long time, and possibly forever, for someone to find your article in that directory and use it on their own site. No rocket science here, Jim. None, none at all.

Sure, the other poster (Nat) stated that he posted to GoArticles when they were new and does not regret it now. Ummmm. Well, that does not help the person that is looking to get exposure TODAY or any time soon. Maybe Jim’s directory will hit the bigtime like GoArticles or others, but who has the time to find out? Sure, post to Jim’s or any other small directory. It can’t hurt. Not at all. But for someone to suggest their small, new article directory is not on a list of the heavy hitters, well, it makes no sense. There is a reason for that unless you just want to shamelessly plug your own site (or even an affiliate link like so many others here do). (And I’m the one with an ulterior motive? Oh, brother. Well, more about that below…)


Now, about Jim Wilson's accusation that my identity is hidden and that "my intentions are all too clear" AND therefore I should not be trusted (especially over himself - someone whom, he says, is highly credible - uuuuh, can you say “ego the size of a mountain”?).

This is an exact cut 'n' paste of what Jim Wilson said at the end of his response to my post...

Folks, it is really a simple matter of trust. Who do you want to choose to
> trust? Jim Wilson and his reputation. Or "Bluto", someone whose
> true identity is hidden and yet his intentions are always all too clear.

> Take care all as usual, (not you Bluto)
> Jim Wilson

I never asked anyone to trust me, Jim. I merely gave sound advice to those looking to submit articles in an attempt to increase traffic TODAY.

And I never once meant to obscure my identity. If you look at the archives, you will notice that I used to have my full name exposed. I just decided not to after a while because too many of you seemed to like to make a mockery of it. I mean, seriously, one of you asked me if I was related to a wrestler and then another asked if I was named after a cartoon character. Geeeezuuuus! People. Grow up!

Not only that but my cookies were erased one day and I just felt like typing in my first name only. Hell, the owner of this site uses an alias for her posts, why in the hell would it not be OK to just use my first name (so I thought).

My full name is Bluto Samartino and I live in Camp Hill, PA. That's Pennsylvania, in case you did not know. (Sorry, Jim, but when I address you anymore I feel like I need to explain every little detail otherwise you might get all bent outta shape or you might take something WAY outta context. So for the record, PA stands for Pennsylvania, not Palifornia. Many call it Pennsyltukey, though. LOL. And, no, Jim. I ain't givin' out my street address and phone #. That's none of your business. Although, if you would like to hire a private investigator, I am sure he'd be glad to assist you. I mean, after all, you are so interested in me and my identity - surely money spent on a PI would be worth it, right? But what does it prove, anyway? So what? If I told you my name was Jeff Franz, how would you know it was real anyhow? Just because someone uses a last name it surely does legitimize the person, does it?

So, Jim, whoever said that I am ever tried to conceal my identity? I didn't know that the prerequisite to posting to this forum was that you must state who you are, where you are from, what you do, how you live, where you live, your shoe size, what your favorite ice cream flavor is, SSN, your party affiliation, your first love, your last meal, your first kiss, etc, etc. That's just outrageous, Jim Wilson, OUT-R-A-G-E-O-U-S!

Furthermore, about my ulterior motives that you say are obvious, you are dead wrong. What motive is that? I'm not linking to any of my own sites. So what motive could I have. I never posted an affiliate link (actually, maybe I did once). So what is my motive, Jim? Hmmmmm? HMMMMMM?

Now, I could start posting links to my own sites so that you could get further info on me and bother me away from the forum (I wouldn't doubt that you'd like that, Jim). However, due to the silly and childish hatred so many people like you, Jim G, have toward me on this forum, for no reason - for noooooo reason - I would NEVER, EEEEEEEVER let any of you know any of my few sites simply for the reason that I cannot trust those that hate me, especially those that have such a childish hatred and spread utter lies about me like you do, Jim Wilson.

I have an AdSense account which makes me some money and I am not about to lose that because some of you childish folks here that hate me so much decide that I should lose that account. I have seen this happen to many people on many other forums where folks who did not like them caused them to lose the AdSense account. It was obvious and it was disastrous to the victim seeing how Google only gives you ONE CHANCE. ONE! I am not about to let that happen to me. My AdSense account is worth too much to me and I ain't no dummy. I am very selective on who I tell about my sites. I don't even tell my friends and fairly because they might click on my ads because they think they are doing me a favor. Many folks have had their sites suspended over this innocent "click fraud" and I am not about to let that happen to me.

Not to mention, I doubt very much that anyone on this site would want to know anything about underground rock music, why I believe terrorism against the USA will continue and flourish and get even more brutal as long as America is allied with Israel, my resume, what I think about Hollywood, the story of my parents' life, or the negative impact gangsta music has on America's children.

Just because you, Jim G, and others like you, want me to expose every little detail about myself before you will LET others trust me (yes, I say that with utter sarcasm) it does not mean that I will give in just to be part of your little club (whatever that is).

Because it is so obviously outrageous that you would say that I am trying to hide my identity when I am clearly NOT and that I have some ulterior motive for posting here at FIB, it is obvious that you are just making that up in order to discredit me to benefit your own reputation. Becasue there is no other reason imaginable. I can think of any other reason. But, to be sure, whatever it is, it is a childish one.

Bluto Samartino
Camp Hill, Pennsyltukey

PS. You all can bash the hell outta me and this post, but you will be alone with yourselves. This is the only post I will make to this thread. All you folks that hate me will try to do is discredit me with baseless, childish accusations and over rationalizations over and over and over and over again. I simply have no patience for that, man.

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