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Bluto-you brought me into this so here is my 2 cents

Posted By: Carla Ball
Sunday, 26 March 2006, at 5:53 p.m.

In Response To: The problem is something you don't understand, I'm afraid (Bluto - The Annoying & the Annoyed)

As you say below, you did support me in my efforts to get noticed on line, but so did many other people, including Maamaw. They took the time to view my site after I finished and gave a great feedback. You, however you did not post in that thread. I appreciate you thinking you were pointing me in the right direction away from the negative. I DO have my own mind and knew exactly what my goal was when I came here. I just wanted to know who had good web hosting and who didn't. I am not a quitter, I do not have a college education but rather a degree from the school of hard knocks. I have done everything from working at McDonalds, waiting tables in high end resturants to being the right hand person of a self made millionaire, he made it in real estate investments.
What I have learned from this life is you get exactly what you put out. You put BS out there and BS will come back at you. You put positive energy and it will come back to you. Yes, it is a little simplistic but it is true.

Bluto, I have to say you do put more negative out than positive, I am not judging, just commenting. If you think everyone is picking on you, maybe it's time to re-assess what you want the world to see you as. Don't make excuses about your languange problem or how other people see you, or misunderstand you. No one is asking you to kiss their butt here, just a freindly place to come and get helpful information. It is up to the person who got advice to decide for themselves what to take away from here. We CHOOSE our attitudes, why did you choose to be hard on everyone in this thread. I have read most of it off and on the past 2 days. I am in the middle of staining kitchen cabinets and have only checked in on my breaks. I was going to stay out of it but you brought me into it by trying to make a point that you can be helpful. I am the kind of person who thinks positively, trys to understand the jerk that mouths off to someone, has bigger problems than I do. The one who yells the loudest is usually the one who is never heard when they have something meaningful to say. I find listening a much better way to be heard when you need to make a point. Philosphy class is over now. Carla>

You see, English is not my first language. Although I can "bang
> heads" with the best of the English speakers out there, it is not my
> first language and that is something you just don't seem to understand.
> Many times, I know that my linguistics get messed up when I type
> (especially in a hurry). Sorry, I cannot do much about that. Just because
> I "seem" rude, I am not intentionally being rude - MOST of the
> time. That is just the way you interpret it because you don't understand.
> You are obviously also persuaded by the many emails you say that you get
> to ban me. And that's another thing. That's about the 3rd time you
> mentioned that to me. What am I supposed to do? Change my life and my
> personality to jive with how others think I should be, act, think? Sorry,
> I'm not part of any clique and I don't plan to be anytime soon.

> If you look at most of my posts in this forum, I have mainly offered good,
> sound advice on many subjects, mostly about business, websites, SEO, etc.
> One thing I can't stand is folks (and I will not name names) who think
> they know everything yet offer bad advice but make it seem like the advice
> they gave is "the word". This points unsuspecting, unknowing
> folks in the wrong direction. They constantly shove in your face that they
> are this and they are that and they do this and they do that and they
> serve on the board of some non-profit org and they go to college and blah,
> blah, blah, blah, blah. Well, let me tell you something . I have been
> there and done that. Furthermore, I have 2 bachelor degrees. One in
> Marketing and one in Psychology. Does that make me and expert, though. NO.
> It doesn't. And I don't go around plugging my scholastic accomplishments
> because I know that it means nothing. What matter is whether or not you
> know what you are talking about. The proof is in the pudding and a piece
> of over-priced paper "don't mean jack". Because one thing I
> definitely learned in college is that theory is often never right and
> never a good thing on which to base practical advice.

> Take Carla Ball, for instance. Now, I am not saying that Carla would never
> have progressed as she has with her site, however, had she listened to a
> particular person here, who claims that they have credentials that makes
> them "right", Carla "may" have been pointed in the
> wrong direction, thinking that promoting her work online was a project
> destined for failure. Like I said, maybe Carla would not have listened to
> this person anyway, but maybe she would have. That's why I pointed her in
> the opposite direction hoping that she would not be persuaded to give up
> (if that is the kind of person she is) by folks that constantly tout they
> are "experts", yet give misleading and creatively draining
> advice on business, motivation, and feasibility.

> Carla proved the negativity toward her dream/goal wrong and I was glad she
> did and I was also glad I could be there to support here when no one else
> seemed to be doing so.

> So for you to say or for others to say that I bring no or little value to
> this forum because the bulk of my posts are not to your liking or to their
> liking as far as tone or whatever, is just a plain disservice to anyone
> that can read my posts without regard for what they may sound like on the
> surface.

> Bottom line is, I bring value to this forum with the info I have because,
> simply put, I am experienced in may areas of small business as well as
> have the mental equipment to smell BS or just plain bogus
> "expert" advice. But most importantly, I "put it to ya
> straight". If one chooses to see that as "rude" then so be
> it. It is their loss. My goals is not to hold anyone's hand. But I can
> offer good, practical info and advice to those that choose to take that
> info and not take things personally. Since this forum does not offer
> emoticons, emotion and tone can often be "misread" and there is
> nothing I can do about that. No one can. However the best thing one can do
> is understand that and move on. If you choose to not see that, then I
> cannot do a thing about it.

> All I can say is that I am a member and a participant in quite a few
> forums and I have never been subject to these silly games about who is
> rude and who is not and how many people are talking behind my back and
> whatnot like I have been on this forum. But I accept it.

> However, when you have the forum owner constantly shoving it in your face
> that she thinks you are annoying and claims that she gets oodles of emails
> requesting she ban me, that's just downright rude and pointless and does
> nothing for the visitors here. It's rude because there is no reason to
> mention it unless you are going to act on it and then mentioning it would
> be to forewarn - it wouldn't be rude, it would just be good policy.

> And furthermore, why should I care at all?

> Bluto - The annoying & the annoyed

Carla's Stained Glass Creations

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Scams outnumber legitimate biz ops about a bzillion to one, so it's well worth your time.

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