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English problems?

Posted By: Jimbo
Sunday, 26 March 2006, at 10:33 p.m.

In Response To: The problem is something you don't understand, I'm afraid (Bluto - The Annoying & the Annoyed)

> Many times, I know that my linguistics get messed up when I type
> (especially in a hurry).

Oh, they don't. In fact, you come across very clearly. I don't know what nationality you're claiming, but I can tell you that others who speak English with your level of proficiency certainly know what their words are implying.

> If you look at most of my posts in this forum, I have mainly offered good,
> sound advice on many subjects, mostly about business, websites, SEO, etc.

Oh ha. Your advice has been no better and no worse than anyone else's and sometimes it's been so far off the mark you can't spot it with the Hubble Telescope... like the "artists should start a newsletter" bit... it was obvious you didn't know a thing about how artists work and how they market.

> One thing I can't stand is folks (and I will not name names) who think
> they know everything yet offer bad advice but make it seem like the advice
> they gave is "the word".

Boy, you really get intimidated by Mel., don't you? She has obviously gone out of her way to destroy your internet business, wreck your grades, kick your dog and kids, and runs around letting the air out of your automobile tires while telling people behind your back that every single message you posted is the most stupid thing she's ever seen in her whole life. I can't wait for her to mention that she's got kids or something so you can add that to her list of sins. Maybe she's also mowed lawns during the summer. You can add THAT to her list of sins, too!

Well Mr. "YExcuse me for being rude because English is not my first language", I've got a Masters' in Business Administration and Marketing. I serve on a few boards and I'm a long-time lurker and infrequent poster.

You're trying to make me and anyone who has a degree or mentions college ashamed that we come here, mention how we learned our knowledge. It doesn't take a degree in psych to figure out why you do it -- you're trying to set yourself up as a guru, and you can't do it when we walk in here and say "well, I learned this in college."

So you sneer at us for getting an education. You look down on us because we share what we know with people who haven't had our opportunities.

You want us to be ashamed for bringing the tools we learned to share with others here. And heaven forbid that we say "Oh, I know about that because I've been in this business." Gosh. That's the ultimate sin, isn't it.

Why? Because if we don't mention our credentials, then you can knock us down and pretend to be very important and all-knowing. And you can push off some very stupid stuff that you think is right (I've seen you do it) and pretend that you're godlike and the rest of us are just disciples waiting for a leader.

> of over-priced paper "don't mean jack". Because one thing I
> definitely learned in college is that theory is often never right and
> never a good thing on which to base practical advice.

You've thrown up this "worthless degree" point at us three times now since you've been on the board and you're very bitter and superior about it.

Okay. You're a martyr. You slept through college. You didn't get any value out of your degree. Congratulations on wasting your time and money.

> And furthermore, why should I care at all?


So here's a new crown of thorns for you: I've got a Masters' in business and marketing. One of my classes also did marketing research for Microsoft. I've done ads for nonprofit organizations and I know what works. I ran a mail order coin dealership and gem dealership. I know what doesn't work on Internet.

I also know that the "gurus" who gave you your information stroked your ego (unlike your teachers) and this is why you found their advice "better" than those nasty academics.

I'll be sure to post my hide-bound academic thoughts more often so that you can have another target to be intimidated about. And I'll mention my coin business and gem business more often. Oh yes...and if I do anything with the local Chamber of Commerce or the Masons or other civic organizations, I'll be ready to post those (or do you only get offended when it's women mentioning these things?)

That'll give you something to look forward to -- a new academic to hate!

My Alma Mater -- best graduate business school in the Southwest!

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You'll find great information in this "Read Only" Archive, but remember..... things change.
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We're very friendly, so don't be shy... just jump right in and post your question.
Scams outnumber legitimate biz ops about a bzillion to one, so it's well worth your time.

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