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Posted By: Bill Carton - the Roadie <>
Wednesday, 21 September 2005, at 11:28 a.m.

In Response To: Maa, its Kimberly here to say you were right! (Kmberly Bollmann)

> Everyone here was opposed to Network Marketing and I was shocked at how
> opinionated and even harsh people acted toward my business. Everyone kept
> telling me to create my own product rather than market other peoples.

As I remember, we also advised against trusting their offshore management because of the lack of accountability and legal oversight. EPI being in Panama and all that was a big red flag.

> EPI was threatened that I had started my own company. I guess that was
> against company policy? 'Til this day, I don't know why because they
> haven't communicated anything to me. In fact, they sent an email to my
> entire team that I had built over the last 14 months, letting them know I
> was removed and they were transfered to another distributor! Everything I
> had worked for was taken away just like that... coincidently while I was
> at an internet marketing seminar learning the REAL secrets to success!

But, but, but....didn't you have a contract? Didn't EPI have a distributor's agreement? Can't you file suit to recover your team and so forth?

Oh, except for that little thing about them being in Panama. Sorry about that.

> I have come to realize that there is no security in promoting anyone elses
> product but your own. It was the message that came through at the seminar
> and was hammered in as I learned my position in EPI was gone when I came
> home. 14 months of promoting and building a team which leads to residual
> was wiped away.

There's also no security in participating in a pyramid scheme, which 2-up plans tent to resemble.

> I was told so many times by this Friends in Business community -- to make
> money online you should create your own product. I didn't understand that
> until now. I wish I was open enough back then to hear the message all
> these members were trying to tell me.

> My direction is shifting. I have a niche product in mind, as well as a few
> of my very own works I am going to put into ebooks to sell. I felt like I
> was fired from a JOB, meanwhile for the last 5 years I thought I was
> JOB-FREE working from home. That was not the case, and the sad thing is
> what has happened to me, could happen to any of you too!

Thanks for the note, but how about answering a couple of questions?

If this new change of direction is so important now, why are you and your fiance James, EVEN TODAY, pushing Ron LeGrand's $297 Information Marketing Bootcamp on your Fountains of Fortune website?

And on September 8, James claimed as follows:

"Within the lest 13-14 months we have been consistently earning $23,000- $35,000 a month."

Sounds like that could have financed a good lawsuit against EPI, if you had saved some of it. Was it true? Have you been paying taxes on that essentially untracable income?

He also claimed on Sept 8:

"PPS I know you may ask me about Emerald Passport. So I will answer the question before you even have a chance to ask it. Yes, Kimberly and I are still promoting Emerald Passport. We have already earned multiple six figures from EPI alone this year. We plan to continue to promote it for many, many years to come. The great thing about EPI, since we have been involved for over a year now, is the fact that it is running almost entirely on auto-pilot. We simply market and the serious people come to us. This allows us to focus on other project and create mutliple steams of income. "

I know if *I* had a job paying "multiple six figures" I would not have jeopardized it by running anything in competition with it.

But if I was wrongfully terminated, I would have run, not walked, to my lawyer and asserted my contractual rights. Why are you here and not at your lawyer's office?

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You'll find great information in this "Read Only" Archive, but remember..... things change.
Be sure to visit the Current Message Board when you're finished here.

We're very friendly, so don't be shy... just jump right in and post your question.
Scams outnumber legitimate biz ops about a bzillion to one, so it's well worth your time.

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