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Re: Here are the Real Facts

Posted By: BenV
Monday, 17 April 2006, at 12:39 p.m.

In Response To: Here aree the Real Facts (Aaron)

Ok, let's set a few things straight here so that we are on the same page here.

I hate to even have to dignify this with a response, but unfortunately these are the type of people who perpetuate online scams.

Php script? What php script? There is none. Cookies? What cookies? I don't set any cookies on my site. Data Mining? I have no interest in ripping people off.

There is no PHP code in your site that I could find, my presumption there was strictly speculation given the bizarre timing of the price change and was entirely based upon a fluke. There is, however, a JavaScript CGI script on the main page that loads the pop up ad. It appears (I can neither confirm nor deny this without stripping the script and rebuilding it) to have an opt-in option to collect information, that does attempt to create two cookies. My guess at data mining may have been skewed by additional cookie prompts from an onExit script of the site I was leaving as I had far fewer prompts when loading your page from an empty browser. I have also had a chance to skim through the source of the site and found no obvious scripting other than ads. That in itself does not mean that what you have said is true but it does support your statement. I will however fully retract my previous statements that were opinion based upon limited information. Just be mindful of the fact that my posting name comes with the permenant understanding of IANAL (I am not a lawyer), which can also be interpreted as take 100% of what I say as opinion unless stated otherwise.

Oh, and implying that I am a scammer won't hold any water here. Many of the posters here can vouch for the quality of my (sometimes longwinded) posts on this board.

Spread fear all you want. If you actually wanted to be a productive member of society and enhance the quality of people's lives, you could try purchasing the book before providing all the "answers." Could you imagine being able to make money by applying yourself online and working hard versus misleading people with no facts to back up one single thing you've stated?

You are poking into sensitive territory with this statement but I will reply anyway.

First, I do have at least one fact backing my stated opinion, there are two cookies loaded with your main page. Perhaps not directly through the main page itself but I would not have activated that particular CGI script otherwise.

Second, I am searching for an ethical yet viable way of earning money online. I already have one option lined up and am in the process of starting that business. That is neither here nor there though, and your assertation that I do not want to be a productive member of society was uncalled for.

P.S. The price did change, and will continue to go higher. I've said this for weeks and I'm a man of my word. Bait and switch? Look up what a bait and switch is next time, along with cookies, and php. Try being honest in your posts rather than posting false accusations.

Aaron (TRS)

I do need to ask an important question about your program based upon your statement here versus your implied "mission statement" on your site. Are you really doing it to help people? If so, then why raise the price? Hosting is not that expensive and there are also inexpensive ways of advertising. You even have an affiliate program to reduce advertising costs, so why raise the price? Having gotten that out of the way, I am fully aware of the possible meanings of bait and switch. In this case it was a strangely timed misunderstanding, but had my presumptions been proven correct it would be correctly catagorized as bait and switch since the first page offered the product at one price and the order page offered it at a higher price.

What are some other inexpensive advertising alternatives? Ok, this can get into legal and illegal methods so I will stick to the extremely simple stuff. You could defend you name by any means on any message board that happens to mention you or your product. You can advertise for free on message boards against their rules, a few people will see the ad before it gets deleted. Or you can get a trusted member of a message board to review your product and have a legitimate testimony to the quality of your product on a high traffic message board. (Similar to this.)

Let's get serious now Aaron, you care very much about the opinions of the readers of this message board or you would not have come back a second day (perhaps it is because this thread is in position 2 for the search [review "onedaybillionaire"] on Google. You want a way to clear your name? I'll hand you an open invitation to not only clear your name but get advertised in a legit and positive way at the same time. I will review your product and let everyone here know exactly how I feel about it without giving out any of the information. This is your call, you can let it drop and watch your sales drop due to this thread or you can give up one free copy in the hope that the review will be glowing and earn you many more sales.

Again, without reading your course I can not comment on it's content but I would be more than glad to give a 100%, fully detailed review on this site with the reputation that I have built here backing my statement. You know as well as I do that the vast majority of legitimate reviewers covering legitimate products are given one or more products to fully review. The monetary sense of that setup is that your price of one product is all it takes to get a review that will be seen by hundreds or thousands of potential customers. If you are not sure of my status at this board ask the board owner for verification (and I do post from two different IP addresses, one is from work).

While you take your time to write a personal message to me at wyndle_2.nospam(at) I'll be taking some time to read up on so that I can write a review for that site here.

Very respectfully,


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You'll find great information in this "Read Only" Archive, but remember..... things change.
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We're very friendly, so don't be shy... just jump right in and post your question.
Scams outnumber legitimate biz ops about a bzillion to one, so it's well worth your time.

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