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If you can't address the issues, why bother posting?

Posted By: Bill Carton - the Roadie <>
Sunday, 16 April 2006, at 10:11 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Anonymous domain registration (aaron)

> Let's take a moment to discuss Bill and who he is shall we?

Ummm, how about addressing your use of a mailing location in Hawaii, and using an address in Michigan for a corporation not registered in that state?

> Bill is the
> kind of guy who says one thing and does the exact opposite. If you
> research Bill's email address you'll see that bill has a "method of
> operation" that's very unique. Bill enjoys hiding his domain behind a
> proxy and filing false spam allegations against people.

False? Who's been falsely accused? Time to put up.

> He's managed to anger the entire online community.

"Entire" is not precisely true. I have a few hundred colleagues who do exactly what I do, which is to research spammers, out them to their providers, and hopefully cost them their hosting. If I've angered a few hundred or thousand spammers along the way, then great!

Now which side of the spam wars are you on?

> Bill could possibly be
> a rich 12 year old kid that lives at his parents home in California at
> phone number 760-519-0098 for all I know.

Hehe. Anybody who ran a simple search on my name would discover multiple postings about the origin of my nickname. Since one of them involves over 3,000,000 miles of commercial air travel in my high-tech career, something tells me your guess is incompetently wrong.

> What's interesting though is
> Bill is above the law. Without even knowing anyone Bill can hide and call
> them a PERP and a LIAR and question their credability.

Where exactly is your "corporation" incorporated if not at its Michigan address?

> And as for my Money-Back Guarantee, it's honored by Clickbank.

Fine. A claim on one side. I claim that a guarantee is only as good as one's ability to identify and locate the one who owes you money, and your hiding (remember, you're the one doing business on the Internet, not me) is a red flag. Some people are scared off by red flags, others are braver.

All I do is post data. Drawing conclusions is up the gentle reader.

> You see I have money, and I have time, two commodities Bill likely doesn't
> have. Well that and judgement.

I see you've been reading

> He can try all he wants to run me out of business.

Boy, you're awful TOUCHY today, aren't you? I post a couple of facts, verifiable facts, and you fly off the handle. Lose a lot of business because of this little post, eh? I doubt it.

I really don't care if you're in business or not, but somebody hiding their location is a possible scam artist.

And certainly not a billionaire. What crapola.

> The fact of the matter
> is I have nothing to hide, I'm not trying to take advantage of people like
> Bill. I offer a product that's the best on the market, at an affordable
> price, and stand behind it with a money-back guarantee through a third
> party, Clickbank.

Then you'll thrive. Carry on. Live it up!

> What does Bill offer? The ability to harvest email addresses and sell them
> to spammers?

What bodily orifice did you pull that speculation out of. I take down spammers. I research on-line entities who have been asked about here and on other forums. Your record is tainted - and you could have chosen to address the issues and clear them up. But no - you went for the ad hominem attack to attempt to divert people's attention from you.

And then you threatened legal action in an email to me, while having very unclean hands yourself. Not smart. I have to admit it's a slow month if I don't get a bluster-filled lawsuit threat by the 15th, and you're a day late for this month, but maybe the IRS tax extension should also apply to lawsuit threats as well. OK. I'll give you the extension. I'm feeling generous.

> If you've been online longer than a day, you know there a lot of people
> like Bill who are always trying to find personal information about people
> online.

Yah, the bad guys. If you aren't one, then bully for you.

Where's that corporation registered anyway? "Striking Campaigns, Inc." What state again? Not Michigan.

> Another interesting thing is, I don't know who's "FBI or FIB scam
> site" this is, but isn't interesting that they list a PO box and not
> a phone number. Gee, could it be because too many dirt bags play games
> with their personal life? I wonder.

Not my site.

> P.S. My address is valid, both on my emails and here in Maui. So send your
> spam complaints, I have a verified opt-in list.

What spam complaints? I'm not calling you a spammer. Sheesh. What a thin skin.

Where's Striking Campaigns, Inc. incorporated again?

And why did you just forge my name to a post, violating your provider's Acceptable Use Policy?

Kid Billionaire doesn't even know that message boards have logs, probably.

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You'll find great information in this "Read Only" Archive, but remember..... things change.
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We're very friendly, so don't be shy... just jump right in and post your question.
Scams outnumber legitimate biz ops about a bzillion to one, so it's well worth your time.

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