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By George, I think Bluto gets it.

Posted By: Carla Ball <>
Tuesday, 21 February 2006, at 6:18 p.m.

In Response To: Take a look at these stained glass search figures, Mel White & Carla Ball (Bluto)

Thank you Bluto, I know I have to market online as well as off. As I said in one of my posts, this is early research for me and I am getting ready to move a kitchen and build a new studio. After that, I want to find the best way for me to market me. I would be interested to hear what you do and how you think you can help me.

I know there is a market out there and a way to find it. I have not been able to create very many things this year, but I do have the ideas and the new space do it will be great to get back to what I love. It's the filtering out the garbage from bad markerters that I need help with. So I am listening. Thanks again, Carla

First of all, I want to apologize for starting a new thread, but the other
> one is getting buried quickly and I wanted to make sure that at least
> Carla sees this post. Also I want but apologize fro the hurried post as,
> well, I am in a hurry at the moment.

> Now...

> If you look a the keyword search tool for the Yahoo network of sites for
> month, MOST of the searches for stained glass related keywords are
> undoubtedly made by artists looking for supplies and info.

> However, you will see that there are keywords used by, most likely,
> stained glass arts & crafts buyers last month. On the Yahoo network
> for sites alone, there were about, say, at least 3,000 searches alone last
> month that were obvious searches made by potential buyers to buy things
> like stained glass sun catchers, and other crafts. Many search
> "experts" say that you can take the Yahoo network search figures
> and multiply them by about 10 and that is what you can expect it is across
> all the search networks in the USA, including Google and others no in the
> Yahoo network.

> So 3K x 10 = 30K.

> That's 30,000 people searching on terms that buyers of stained glass art
> would search for. However, low let's say that only about 10% of them are
> looking to buy what Carla has to offer and would pay her higher price
> (since these aren't some mass produced Chinese sweatshop products). That's
> still 3K people that might potentially like what they see on Carla's site,
> give her a call, and either buy something that she already has made and
> ready to sell or order something custom made for themselves. Now, she will
> not sell to all of this 10%. SO lets say she does grab about 2%. That's
> still 60 people in one month, who also have mouths and might share their
> experience with Carla to others. Don't you think that it might be worth
> it, given that Carla is looking to expand onto the web anyway?

> I am not saying that she should not look offline to make money with her
> art. All I am saying is that there is a market online that could
> potentially bring in some money for Carla as well as other opportunities
> and it may very well be worth her while to try some internet marketing
> like SEO and some other things. Afterall, that is what she came here for
> and after doing just a little research it seems that her efforts (if done
> properly) would not be a waste as Mel says it would be.

> If I were you, Carla, I'd give it a shot. Of course, I think I know more
> about SEO and other aspects of internet marketing, but that does not mean
> that you can't learn about it and then implement it.

> I might be able to actually help you, but I cannot say for sure as of
> right now as my personal life might not allow me to do so. But let me know
> what you think and maybe soon down the road I might be able to help you on
> an agreement of sorts.

> If anything, it would be great to prove that indeed internet marketing
> efforts could in fact do some good for an artists, despite what Mel and
> others of her line of thinking may think. No offense, Mel.

> And just remember, if you think or say that it is impossible and not worth
> your while, then it will most likely turn out to be just that since you
> have already resigned to such thinking and made it a reality, even though
> it actually, in reality, may be a good idea and actually worth your while.

> Bluto

Carla's Creations

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You'll find great information in this "Read Only" Archive, but remember..... things change.
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We're very friendly, so don't be shy... just jump right in and post your question.
Scams outnumber legitimate biz ops about a bzillion to one, so it's well worth your time.

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