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Scott Larson makes a "public" apology

Posted By: Bill Cornelius
Sunday, 26 February 2006, at 8:26 a.m.

Scott Larson, the (in)famous Amway detractor, has made a public apology to Quixtar Diamond, Jody Victor. He calls it a public apology, but is is burried in his anti-Q website and is only linked by his "whats new" page.

This posting should not be viewed as an endorsement of Quixar or Jody Victor. I am not now affiliated with Quixtar (I was for several years). I was never affiliated with Jody Victor though I did meet him on a couple of occassions.

I don't view Quixtar, as it is presented by IBO's following a tool system approach, as a viable opportunity for the majority of prospects. I think any MLM must be more product/retail sales directed to be profitable for the average representative.

I do find it interesting that the most outspoken detractor, not only of Quixtar, but MLM as a whole has been called to task for his statements and is now backtracking on their validity.

This simply proves that there are liars on BOTH sides of the MLM arguement.

Here is the text of Larson's apology from

"Back in November of 2005 I had posted a page, based upon various site visitor input about Mr. Victor.

Based upon the numerous site visitor contacts from people who know Mr. Victor and information on one of Bo Shorts' pages about Mr. Victor, I had stated that Mr. Victor only periodically qualified for the Emerald pin, therefore questioning the reason for Mr. Victor's long term presence on the IBOAI board of directors and as a member of the executive committee.

For my statement that Mr. Victor only periodically qualifies as Emerald, I must offer my apology.

Although Mr. Victor would not reveal his actual pin status, he has given me his word that he currently qualifies for at least the Executive Diamond Pin. To qualify for the executive diamond pin one has at least 9 qualifying legs or 10 FAA points and the Diamond pin. Mr. Victor assured me that he has maintained the qualification for the Executive Diamond pin throughout 2005 and that he expects to qualify for at least this status next year as well. Since Mr. Victor states he is a qualifying Executive Diamond pin the statement I made about him only periodically qualifying for Emerald is then a gross understatement of Mr. Victor's current pin level. Mr. Victor had the patience to answer several E-mails from me about this topic went out of his way to relieve my skepticism by also giving me his word that he has qualified for the Diamond pin level every year since 1976.

I also owe Mr. Victor another apology based upon a long-standing rumor, both inside an outside the corporation, that the family crown portrait of Joe and Helyne Victor had once been modified to remove the image of Jody Victor's first wife, Linda. Mr. Victor has given me his word that the family portrait was never retouched as was passed on to me by at least three site visitors over a period of two years.

It appears that Mr. Victor has unfortunately been the victim of a long-standing practical joke that included corporate officers who passed along the rumor to visitors in the Amway Hall of Fame gallery. But, here again Mr. Victor has given me his word that the portrait was never modified or replaced to eliminate the image of his ex-wife. For posting this on my website I offer my sincerest apology.

As for that the statement that Mr. Victor did not actually have a Crown business he built himself, Mr. Victor assures me that he build his own business of 20 Platinum legs without buying any of the legs.

Also for the statement about the American Way Association I make an apology. Bill Halliday confirmed that the Victor family had never received any ownership rights in the American Way or in Amway.

Mr. Victor reviewed this for accuracy before I posted it."

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We're very friendly, so don't be shy... just jump right in and post your question.
Scams outnumber legitimate biz ops about a bzillion to one, so it's well worth your time.

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